Registration of a website must take place through a validated registrar with ICANN (Internet Company for Assigned Names and Numbers).  Typically this is the same company as the host but it does not have to be the same company.  A registrar would be someone like One and One, GoDaddy, or BlueHost.  Webrankallstars.com uses “WestHost” for both registration with ICANN and hosting of the website files.


Hosting of a website is necessary so that other people can browse the web and find your website.  A host will include servers, email, database, and other features managed through a cPanel account.  Webrankallstars.com will manage these activities according to your specifications as part of the registration and hosting service.

Custom Themes

Themes may be customized entirely to your liking.  Themes are cross device and cross platform compatible and inter-operable.  Changes can be made in a test environment before being published for everyone to see.  


Graphics can be used anywhere on your website.  Custom graphics can be developed separately from us or we could design graphics for you.  If you already have images then we can convert them from their file type to the appropriate file type.  Images will be stored in the media library for future use.

Content Development

The content on your website is typically what you will develop on your own.  Most people can write their own content but struggle when it is time to add the content to their website.  If you wish to write your own content or film your own videos then we will integrate those in to your website for you.  Additionally, we will train you how to do the same thing so that over time you will be able to manage this on your own.

    Online presence is our specialty.  Your online presence should continue to develop over time with careful attention to your business model and user experience. That is why our all star web rank team will continue to provide ongoing guidance to assist you.  Building and maintaining your online presence is the way to lift your current rates of exposure throughout the internet.   Do you want to take control of your website after we set it up?  We offer training so you can do just that.  If you set up your website with us, you will never have to worry about ownership issues.  It is your website that we manage until you are ready to manage your own website.

Do you like the idea of a fully automated, online sales engine?  We offer just that.  You will still have to upload pictures of your products or update prices and that sort of thing.  The heavy lifting is automated though and designed around your sales funnel.

Do you already have a website?  Great!  We can build another site to send you more traffic.  Search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), and back link building (BLB) will supplement your existing efforts.  If your website looks awesome and you wouldn’t change anything about it, we wouldn’t dare ask you to.  If you would like more people to see it, then we can definitely help. Take a look at our menu items and discover which solution suits your situation.  Our solutions are for individuals, businesses, charities, governments, organizations, and other people who require development of their online presence. A strong web presence requires a sophisticated understanding of cutting edge tools.  Don’t get left behind!  Start investigating your options now so when the time is right you can make the smart investment in your future.